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Listen to Radio RTM WAI FM Live Online Streaming from Sarawak, Kuching. Wai FM Iban is a main Malaysian online radio station with the vision to turn into a real national supporter and world-class dynamic. Wai FM Iban’s is to distribute data and projects that are aggressive with the most recent innovation and meet the tastes of the gathering of people towards accomplishing the central vision that is to divert individuals. They additionally support the consideration of the individuals and their state of mind to make positive changes.

Radio WAI FM Sarawak Online Radio Streaming

Radio is bringing more and more people to this sector. Even though there is no shortage of entertainment media roaming around the world. Radio is still that platform to which people are attracted. The matter of fact is that radio gives easy access to the locals to interact with the community. Whereas TV needs a lot of status links and struggles to access. And people find it difficult to use the platform as it also requires a lot of money.

WAI FM Sarawak
WAI FM Sarawak

Apart from the business profit-making stage, radio has also been a useful tool in times of natural disaster. Usually what happens is that during difficult times like hurricanes and earthquakes or even worse tsunami, power lines are destroyed. Whereas, radio has the benefit to reach out to people without electricity.


In order to access radio transmission, you don’t specifically require the availability of electric cables or wiring. Transmission runs through signals in the shape of radio waves. This is why in the 90s the trend of walky-talkies started. You were able to take the radio with you anywhere you go. The radio was giving new trends to of enjoying radio and entertainment shows.


The people working or who begin affiliated with the radio industry are no less professional. You can easily count on them to provide you with the best news possible. Life is easy when the technology is user-friendly. Along with all the entertainment sector. Radio is the place where most people tune in to get an overview of the weather forecasts. With the current situation of climate change, it is becoming difficult for the common man to predict rainy days.

Radio, on the other hand, eliminates all these problems. In case of any storm or other sudden change in weather behavior, the station transmits radio warnings across the town. This is all to alert the locals.

Mobile app:

The 21st century is compacting more goodies in our mobile phones through the availability of apps and other mobile features. Due to this reason, channel WAI FM SARAWAK brings you the mobile app. SUARA FM Malaysia.

WAI FM Sarawak

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