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Listen Radio Wai FM Iban Malaysia Live Online Streaming. (Wai FM Iban Kuching, Sarawak) Wai FM Iban is one of the top leading commercial radio networks in Malaysia, that provides music and updates according to the demands of the listeners. It is a national broadcaster that telecast on different frequencies in different cities of the country. Furthermore, In Malaysia, three different communities are living (Chinese, Malays, and Indo), so they try to play music in three different languages.

History of Wai FM Iban:

Wai FM Iban was first launched on 1st March 2009 only for one city. When it passed all formalities of Malaysian Media Company it becomes multi frequencies radio network. Its head office and transmitter is located in Jabatan Penyiaran, 93614 Kuching that is the capital and one of the most developed cities of the state Sarawak, Malaysia.


Wai FM Iban has many specialties but the Specialty of hit and fresh music is number one, It manages programs list according to age and taste. On the other hand, it also provides information related to (breaking news, weather and traffic update, current fashion, health, sport, and exercise).

RJ,s and DJ,s:

wai FM IBAN personalities

Wai FM Iban has very hard work and a loyal team, which works round the clock to manage their programs and music list. I always try to satisfied the loyal listeners, Some DJ,s visit schools and colleges to entertain young age groups and educate people in different ways.

How to Listen to Wai FM Iban:

There are many ways to listen to this station like you can visit the official website or enjoy this channel here, We are always here to welcome you. Enjoy many things with us. Thanks for choosing our website to listen to this channel. Enjoy this radio anywhere in the world.

Wai FM Iban

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