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Radio Ukhozi FM Listen to Live Durban Online Stream

Listen to Radio Ukhozi FM 90.8 Durban Live Online Streaming from South Africa and Enjoy all South Africa FM Radio Live Online Stream. Ukhozi FM is one of the most popular radio stations present in the area of Durban, South Africa. Ukhozi FM has a nice strengthen that passed on the program in the boundary area to sustain the sovereignty of Africa.

The network of South African Broadcasting Corporation is controlling this channel. Radio Ukhozi FM is providing a great genre of various entertaining and informative content. Increase community contribution in the procedure of launch from the planning level, execution, and assessment of applications passed on.

It organizes the passed on is designed to discover, preserve and create the lifestyle of the country, offering healthy enjoyment to see relatives members, and type the ways and nationwide identification in the middle of globalization. Ukhozi FM is a great radio as it also rocks throughout the region.

Providing solutions supply about the use and utilization of state sources in an experienced and accountable as well as discover other revenue sources to back up passed-on functions and enhance the well-being of workers. Likewise other radios it is also broadcasting in the English language.

Radio Ukhozi FM Durban Live Streaming

Ukhozi FM is the most power full and entertaining radio network in South Africa. It works and is telecast from the city of Durban. It is working in different cities on different frequencies but management and ownership are the same. Ukhozi FM also manages off-air shows which purely work on music, news, and information. This radio is a cheap source of information and entertainment. The people of South Africa mostly like to live in the remote areas where other services like the internet, tv are not working well that’s why this is the only source of information.

Ukhozi FM
Ukhozi FM

Ukhozi FM is a national network in South Africa that is owned by South African Broadcasting (SABC). the head office of the channel is placed in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal cities. Radio Ukhozi FM mainly supports the Zulu-speaking community but it is also working in the English language.

Furthermore, It always tries to support other languages that are spoken in the country. It was first started in the year 1960. In addition to that, this is one of the oldest and largest stations (by listenership) in the country. From start to now, It is working on the license of the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA). The sister station of the channel is Umhlobo Wenene FM.

Vision and Mission:

The history of Ukhozi FM is very colorful and bold. This is the only station in the country that supports and highlights Zulu’s identity. Old and New World influences on our lives and day by day life become easier due to technology development. The main mandate of Ukhozi FM is to deliver entertaining, informing, and educating to the public.

It mainly supports local content more than any other. Ukhozi FM has introduced many music groups like Ladysmith Black Mambazo in 1960, Mahlathini, MaHotela Queens, Abafana BaseQhudeni, and Soul Brothers. It also organizes many music festivals and off-air shows because it is not only a station it is purely brand. Moreover, it also working on news and current affairs, and talk shows. The main goal of this channel is to capture the young community and some elderly people.


In South Africa, radio was introduced in 1930 and became the first source of information. The second world war was started in the year 1939 and radio became the tool of broadcasting the pro-British Wartime reports. In addition to that, at that time, I also used it as a tool to catch the frequencies of airplanes in war. The name of this service was back broadcasting. After the end of the Second World War in 1945, The African native affairs department stop black broadcasting and funding because it no longer needs for a pro-war information tool. In the year 1946, SABC took charge and started radio again.


Ukhozi FM is very popular among the isiZulu community because it is the voice of 7.9 million isiZulu speakers. It always promotes home language and provides music, entertainment, and information in one place. The station also working with the World Health Organization (WHO) on different categories like health, education, and weather. Africa is a dry and developing country that’s why it is facing a plethora of problems. In the days of Covid 19, Radio Ukhozi works a lot for the safety of the local community.

Ukhozi FM frequencies:

Cities Covers (FM/MHz) Cities Covers (FM/MHz)
Donnybrook 92.7 Durban 90.8
DurbanNorth 92.5 Eshowe 93.4
Glencoe 93.1 Greytown 91.0
Ladysmith 91.0 Mooi River 92.2
Nongoma 92.9 Pietermaritzburg 91.4
Port Shepstone 91.3 The Bluff 92.0
Ubombo 92.4 Vryheid 91.2


It has a very young and powerful team that work hard to produce their best in the market. In the financial report of 2019 and 2021, this channel faced the loss of R511 million due to a challenging economic environment but the team of this channel produces its best. Ukhozi FM also manages community work and off-air shows. In addition to that, It organizes many music shows and festivals in different areas of the country. Enjoy Heart FM Cape Town Online Radio.

Ukhozi FM Durban

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