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Listen to Live Dengar Sinar FM Kuala Lumpur capsule Kuching Online Streaming on 96.7 Frekuensi. Sinar FM is a private radio network in Malaysia and is popular in Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru, Syok, Kedah, Sarawak communities. Sinar FM broadcasts its live On-Air shows in 96.7 frequencies. It was launched on 30 December 2005. Owned by Star Publications (M) Berhad and work under the supervision of Rimakmur Sdn. Bhd. It’s a music radio so much famous for their quality programs of information, entertainment, and educational programs, and their RJ,s team is always engaged to entertain the people in their best way as listeners demand.

The main goal of the station is to promote local music and it broadcasts its programs in Malay and English language 24/7. Its head office is located on the 5th Floor of the AM Assurance building No 1 Jalan Lumut, Lumpur, If you want to promote your business locally or be a part of this radio then call us at 03-9543 8888 number.

Sinar FM Radio Malaysia
Sinar FM Malaysia

It is working a lot on the trending things, inspiration stories, Artist’s stories, health tips, puppet buss, and Omnomnom. Every weekend its changes their whole music chat and tries to relax the listeners. It is an Adult contemporary radio and you can enjoy this in Singapore and Brunei countries. Sinar FM working with the slogan: Shine on your life with music. It has more than 3.7 million listeners in the country. Furthermore, It plays music related to local and foreign artists and targets younger and East Coast listeners. Red FM Malaysia Online Radio.

General information:

Sinar FM Malaysia is making new marks of success in the radio industry. It is emerging as the most successful channel to host such a big audience. People from all around the country incline towards it for the best content and entertaining shows. From early morning to midnight, the hustle and bustle of the channel never wear off. Sinar FM Malaysia is famous for playing the best music records from all around the world. Your small entertainment medium is basically a big music library where you find every sort of song.


The channel’s best quality is its ability to provide the audience with the latest news highlight. As I have mentioned earlier this radio Sinar has everything for everyone. The mature audience can also find something for their taste as well. The weather forecast is yet another important component of the transmission. With the help of an interactive radar system and weather team, the channel provides hourly weather reports. Likewise in case of climatic emergency, the radio sends warning signals to the locals all around the community. Basically, the residing people completely rely on their local radio channel for assistance regarding weather updates.


People affiliated with the radio are highly professional and skilled in their everyday performance. It takes quite a confidence and talent to entertain a big number of listeners just by the hearing technology. This is the reason that radio shows are so much popular because they never let their audience be bored throughout the transmission. In case you wake up in the middle of the night, Sinar FM Malaysia will still be running its live transmission in its full glory. Now catch all the latest highlights of your favorite sports with minute-by-minute detail.

The mobile app of Sinar FM:

The best app you could ever find is that of Sinar FM Malaysia. The channel is successful in creating its unique shows and facilitating its app with it. You can now easily download the app and enjoy the full-on transmission of the channel without any buffering or interruption. Life is easy with the Sinar FM Malaysia mobile app.

Sinar FM Frequency
Cities Covers FM (MHz)
Areas FM

Lembah Klang




Alor Setar



Pulau Pinang 97.2

Kuala Terengganu

Ipoh 96.9


Seremban 100.9


Melaka 92.0

Kota Kinabalu

Johor/S’pura 87.8



Sinar FM

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