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Radio Tokpa 104.3 FM Live Online


Ecouter La Radio Tokpa 104.3 FM En Direct En Ligne Live Online Streaming From Cotonou Benin Frequence. Radio Tokpa FM Benin is a newly open Music radio channel that works under the management of the ORTB network. The main theme of this Tokpa is to promote local talent and local products on the global stage. the goal of this station is to serve a community composed of different ethnicity.

Ecouter Radio Tokpa FM 104.3 FM En Direct Cotonou:

Radio Tokpa 104.3 FM is a public radio network in Cotonou Benin. It is not radio it is a complete hub of entertainment and information and music. It is a powerful and independent station that broadcasts on other frequencies depending on the area. Radio Tokpa always supports local language content and music. It is also working on the welfare of poor communities because Benin is a poor country so that’s why people have less education and fewer resources. On daily basis, it starts working at 5 am and normally ends at 2 am but on special events, it telecast their program 24 hours a day.

Radio Tokpa 104.3 FM
Radio Tokpa 104.3 FM

Radio Tokpa is a business radio network in the country. It was started on July 31 1999 and working on the FM module. It has a good reputation in the international market of Dantokpa. It is owned by the Kpakpo family and works under the management of Guy Kpakpo and his brother Alain Kpakpo. The primary goal of the channel is to support home languages Fon, Yoruba, Goun, Mina, Aizo, Adja, and Dendi. Furthermore, It is working a lot on the French language because the plethora of communities belongs to this. It is working on the slogan: “To be a development radio station at the service of our communities”.

Vision and Mission:

The vision of Radio Tokpa is to educate the local community and highlights community issues. It is also working on the problems faced by the females. In remote areas, it is working as a main source of information because Benin is a dry country that’s why people like to live near the water resources.

The Mission of the channel is to provide real and update music and business news on time. Many businessmen follow the reports to maintain their business updates. It also working on the fashion side and launch news trends and technology.


Most team members of Radio Tokpa is related to business, news, music, and fashion because nowadays these days these are the core things of life. It provides real and update music, entertainment, and information. It also manages on-air and off-air shows and invites successful businessmen in their shows. It is functioning 24 hours a day and produces its best. In the days of covid 19, it broadcast public health messages free of cost.

Radio Tokpa

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