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Listen to Radio Kampung FM Live Online Streaming from Malaysia, Radio Kampung FM would like to go as a national and even global entertaining channel. FM Kampung addresses the issues of the Muslims in the scattering of publicity and helpful data for life on the planet, particularly firm and unceasing life in the great beyond. RJ’s of FM Kampung prepare shows by cultivating the conviction that equitable and honorable character. Besides, this time in the town of Cirebon specifically is still extremely uncommon for radio purposeful publicity.

Kampung FM
Kampung FM

Radio is an incredible mode for media that involves local’s interaction. It is a complete set of variety and also contains a platform for vote-based talk. At the worldwide level, radio has a remarkable capacity to connect the vastest crowd. It, therefore, implies that radio can shape a general public’s interaction. To this day, Radio Kampung FM remains as a field for all voices to stand up, be addressed, and be heard.


Radio Kampung FM has proved itself as a tool of experiences. This has been made possible by improvements in our general public. More and more people are now becoming users of radio transmission. As the world changes, radio does as well. Along these lines, during the Covid-19 pandemic, radio made it has proved its worth. Radio has been delivering vital information and its audience.


“New World, New Radio” is, hence, a tribute to the strength of radio. It is an acknowledgment of its ability for constant variation. Radio Kampung FM has amened itself at the pace of cultural changes and new requirements of the audience. Available anyplace and whenever Kampung FM connects to a vast crowd. Moreover, it introduces itself as a field where a variety of voices can communicate, be addressed, and be heard. This is the reason why radio is as yet the most used medium overall today. In addition to all of this, Radio broadcasts should serve everything. From offering a wide collection of projects, perceptions, and content, to mirroring a variety of crowds in their associations and tasks.

Mobile app:

When it comes to offering transmission full time. Kampung FM has a perfect app designed for its task. No matter where you are. Stay tuned to the radio network broadcast all day long. This app gives easy access to the networks’ programs and podcasts. The app contains a program schedule that helps you figure out which program is going to be played at what time. Radio Kaban FM Online.

Kampung FM

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