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Listen Radio Kaban FM Live Online Streaming from Malaysia, Radio Kaban FM is a Malay language government-owned radio station which was formerly known as Radio 3 Labuan, Radio Malaysia Labuan. It was launched on August 31, 1988, and since then it is owned and managed by Radio Televisyen Malaysia. Furthermore, It telecast in Labuan, Brunei and Sipitang, and Kuala Penyu, Sabah cities on 103.7 MHz frequency. The management and broadcasting office is located in Bukit Timbalai. It is working on the slogan (Your Coastal Sound).

Radio Kaban FM Online Live Streaming

It is a common belief that radio is viewed as a benefit-making business and public help. There are many arguments that support and disagree with the statement. Should radio be basically a tool for advertisements? In one way or another, radio can prove to be very handy in terms of many things. Either you want to advertise or send any message to the locals, radio can easily be your mean of communicating with a big number audience.

Kaban FM
Kaban FM

Above all the facilities, Radio Kaban FM Has been very useful in times of natural disasters. They broadcast time to time updates. Since in the worst conditions, what usually happens is that the transmission wiring gets damaged, electricity goes off, and many more problems occur. In these dark and hostile situations, radio becomes an effective means of interacting with the locals.


The specialty of radio life is that it runs its transmission via radio waves. The broadcast is not dependent on any transmission wiring system. There have been many times when in times of need, Radio Kaban FM has proven itself as an essential commodity. Not just that, Kaban Fm delivers entertainment programs 24/7. The channel has maintained its quality and ranking by delivering full-time broadcasts. You can easily count on the station to entertain you with the best possible podcasts.


It has also been a source of suspense and curiosity with radio programming. The interaction of the audience and radio jockeys is merely auditory. This leads to a rise in the level of excitement for the listeners as they try to figure out who and what sort of person is behind the mike. There is a charm in everything that is hidden and radio life introduces its listeners with new dimensions and imagination.

Mobile app:

The mobile app is somehow an integral part of social media. To keep the interaction going and easily accessible, having a mobile app can full fill all those needs. This is now accessible through the app. The app of this station is freely available on smartphones and the official website you just install and enjoy Kaban FM. Labuan FM Radio Online.

Kaban FM

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