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Listen to Radio Ceria FM Sempoi Live Online Streaming from Malaysia. Radio Ceria Fm additionally warmly respected the vicinity of radio that is presently generally known to the general population in different locales. The discourse was the motivation for the FM Ceria is to keep on extending the system of the gathering region.

Until today, FM Ceria can be acknowledged by audience members all through district III Cirebon, Lake, Purwakarta, and Karawang. Also, the channel has turned into the most stretched outreach and biggest gathering of people.

Radio Ceria FM is a vast network. It produces quality entertainment and intellectual shows. You can rely on the radio station to provide you with the best and most authentic news of the local area. Along with that, there is so much to know and learn about the versatility of radio programming.

Ceria FM
Ceria FM

One might argue that TV is and always will be the best source of entertainment. But there are many theories to prove that it’s not the only one. The radio itself is responsible for attaining a huge audience and among them, youngsters are in huge number. This is due to the fact that radio arouses curiosity and excitement.


Things are never simple at Ceria FM Online. In fact, they are much more interesting than you think. Podcasts are one of many leading entertainment programs that work their wonders. With famous celebrities joining in, more and more people are finding their way into tuning their radio stations. Ceria FM gives a platform to people who do not easily get access to the TV screens. In addition to that, many advertisement companies have also found their way to make their product popular. People with small businesses tune into radio stations to promote themselves.


The team of news reporters and anchors are as efficient as you would find on any TV channel. There is definitely a full team of a news reporting crew who work day and night to deliver the best and most authentic stories of the town. There has never been a day when the anchors and newscaster failed to play their part. When it comes to covering stories and highlighting the latest updates, you can definitely count on them. That’s not all, the news team also delivers the weather updates on an hourly or daily basis, depending on the changing behavior of the weather.

Mobile app:

Mobile is today’s computer and TV as well. Download the app to get complete access to Ceria FM. The app of the channel is freely available on the internet just install and enjoy this FM. Batu Kurau FM Online Radio.

Ceria FM

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