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The Al Ansaar Radio is the most popular radio network present at the place of Vereeniging, South Africa. The Al-Ansaar Foundation was inaugurated in 1993 (1414 AH) by a variety of concerned Islamic entrepreneurs, whose desire was to uplift, inform and get back the Ummah. Al Ansaar FM DJ’s and the RJ are very jolly persons and they always make the listeners informative with the newest talk shows with the popular scholars of the Region. While there were many existing Islamic organizations, these visionaries foresaw the need that had previously been ignored. Muslim rivals were becoming indifferent and behavior, values and morality of younger people were being affected by the western focused Southern Africa community.
The wish of the Foundation was to create an Islamic facility to recover Islamic concepts and methods. More significantly was their issue about the rebirth of the Ummah and for its need to re-occupy its leading aspect amongst civilizations. In the starting family members, buddies, and individual financing established the support structure for the organisation. Radio Al Ansaar is using the English medium for the transmission.

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