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Radio 786 FM Live Stream Online

Listen to Radio 786 100.4 FM Cape Town Live Online Streaming from South Africa and Enjoy all South Africa FM Radio Live Online Stream. FM 786 is one of the most popular and high-ranked radio stations located at the location of Cape Town, South Africa. Radio 786 is a group station broadcasting on 100.4FM to the Higher Position in the European, Southern Africa; since Sept 1995. The station’s permit owner is the Islamic Oneness Conference (IUC).

Radio 786
Radio 786

The 786 radio is a Status Panel of the IUC, with separate article and economical guidelines. It manages the day-to-day operating of a devoted and devoted all-female management group led by the Position Manager, Promotion Manager, Functions Manager, and HR/Admin. It aims for serving the passions of Muslims and the broader community in common.

Its growth shows those principles of advertising a culturally conscious and accountable community. This radio is advertising self-reliance via gaining information. It is also providing information and details, simultaneously providing a system to create advised choices. And we are making audience with to be capable to partake in problems which are of issue to them and to town at huge. The broadcasting terminology is the English Language. Furthermore, here you can also Listen to 567 Cape Talk Radio.

Vision and Mission:

Radio 786 Cape Town is a community talk show channel. It is locally owned by the regional government. In September 1995, the channel made its very first debut in the world of radio networks. From the first day and to this day, the channel has been a great success. Radio 786 Cape Town’s main goal is to educate and inspire. This is also the channel’s logo for advertisement.

The radio station mainly focuses on news, current affairs, social affairs, and issues related to the public interest. This is the reason that the channel is able to gain a lot of popularity in the local community. Every individual can find the programs related to their needs and requirement.

Moreover, the channel is able to host huge audiences just in the region of Cape Town. You can also access Radio 786 Cape Town in the surrounding areas. This is made possible because of the high-quality transmitter that the channel uses.


Radio 786 Cape Town has set up its studios in a way that they can also be used for other purposes such as work for video and TV programs. Radio 786 is able to host many famous people from the Parliament, politicians, and other governmental personalities. This is the reason that majority of people tune into the channel every day. The Radio 786 is the source of political news and other informational programs regarding the government. In addition to all of this, the channel is also the standing committee of the Islamic convention.


The people working for the channel are highly professional and skilled in their respective fields of art. To host such intellectual shows, it is necessary for the anchors to be equally learned and educated. Otherwise, they won’t be able to have a healthy conversation with the guests. Due to this factor, the channel picks up its staff very carefully.

Mobile app:

In order for you to enjoy non-stop entertainment shows and political programs, Radio 786 Cape Town has developed an app for its users.

Radio 786

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