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Radio Prambors 102.2 FM Streaming, Listen Radio Prambors Jakarta Live Online Streaming Radio Prambors FM is broadcasting the entertaining contents for the universal delight in Jakarta with the color of our administration offer. Listeners productive remarks, audits, benevolent forward to the team, and these are surely accepted and appreciated. Radio Prambors additionally give distinctive points of interest by taking after the open systems administration page like as Facebook or my space and Tweets and could keep your decently mannered suppositions and criticism. Moreover, the Prambors FM Jakarta can also listen on iPhone, Android, Nokia Mobile.

The formal website page of Radio Prambors FM will show the group of onlookers will be too appreciative to listen to the most energetic shows which offer you undertakings updates and all the most recent assignments including over its website page that could be analyzed at any times of the entire days. The transmission of Prambors FM Jakarta is not constrained just in its terminus however it additionally can listen to in different neighboring countries.

Whether for FM stereo, electronic press or on-location advancements this channel keeps you exhorted about the most recent exercises and occasions far and wide in framework both on an everyday schedule and at end of the week. Announcers provide for you insight identified with different occupations published, projects, and shows lineup and profiles of moderators, RJ’s.

Listen Radio Prambors 102.2 FM Jakarta Live Stream Online

Prambors FM is a Contemporary Hits Radio (CHR) station in Indonesia which is also famous with its local name Prambors Rasisonia and 102,3 FMANIA. It was first launched on March 18, 1971, in the city. It is owned and managed by the Masima Radio Network. It is providing service in Surabaya, Bandung, Medan, Manado, Semarang, Solo, Makassar and Yogyakarta. The broadcasting office is located on Jl.RS. Fatmawati Raya No. 7 West Cilandak,South Jakarta. Furthermore, through frequencies of other cities, you can listen to this station Nationwide. It produces 10 kW frequency in the city which covers all major streets of Jakarta.

If you are trying to access this station outside of Indonesia then you can enjoy this through the official website or you can listen to this station on fmradioslive.com. We are warmly welcome on our website, We know, you are busing in your life and you have not time to enjoy music while working or driving. Here you can listen to Prambors FM very easily and if you like our service then please share this station with other lovers. It also manages Prambors TV which is available on 453 frequency. Prambors app is also available on App Store and Google play store you just download this app and enjoy music as you like.

Radio Prambors FM

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Prambors FM target:

The main target of Prambors FM is teenagers and young adults. With the passage of time, this channel becomes the teen icon in Indonesia throughout the ’80s and 90’s. If you are between 15 to 29 years old then you are in Prambors’ Young People, team. Mostly it plays the world’s top 40 English songs and local hit songs. DJ,s and Rj,s are very young and energetic, they are working hard to provide the best content in-country. It also takes calls during the live shows and shares stories of young listeners to others.

prizes of Prambors FM:

Radio Prambors FM Jakarta host many concerts in different cities of Indonesia, through live shows it distributes a lot of concert tickets to Young People and requests them to take part in these concert. Moreover, through exciting quizzes in concert, it distributes prizes among peoples. Some popular shows are Skulprize, Skulympic, Scultivity. The main object of these concerts are to educate people especially females, who face many problems in society. It always tries to distribute happiness among the young community. The team of Prambors FM randomly visits high school students where, Childers meet their loved ones RJ,s and Dj,s. Furthermore, It also offers the world’s best vacation packages, if you want to travel with Prambors FM then visit his office or contact me on the website.

History of Prambors FM:

The history of Prambors FM is very old because it was first started During the late 1960s with the collaboration of some friends (Bambang Wahyudi, Murshid Rustam, Imran Amir, Malik Sjafei, and Tri Tunggal). The name of this channel drive from the gangs from Menteng in downtown Jakarta. Prambors is also the of several streets in Central Jakarta in Menteng. In the start, it faces plethora of problems due to government laws. In the year 1970, it added PT with his name which was approved by the government. In late 1971, Prambors news word with his name (Rasisonia) which stands for(Social Commercial Broadcast Radio).

Radio Prambors FM Programs:

This station adds plethora of creative shows months and news things according to the desire of listeners. Some popular programs are (dgitm, Greet Ex, SUNSET TRIP, NIGHT SHIFT, LOCAL HEROES NONARIA, reality-club. It also gives chance to the young singers, who become popular Due to its success on the radio, like ( Chrisye, Catatan Si Boy). This channel also works the box office movie. Moreover, It also hosts off-air shows which are favorite among the crowd (Prambors Nite and Tenda Mangkal).

Announcers of Prambors FM:

Radio Prambors FM always tries to hire a young adult who always keeps this station fresh, splashy. It also helps the local community to adopt a young lifestyle. In this young team, some are comedians and actors. Nowadays it is working with the country’s most popular RJ,s which always try to encourage people to participate in community work and people other.