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Ouvir Radio Ngola Yetu Luanda Online


Listen Ouvir Radio Ngola Yetu EM Directo Ao Vivo En Ligne Live Online Streaming From Luanda Angola Frequencia. Radio Ngola Yetu Angola is a private station that tries to save the culture and preserving cultural roots. Radio Ngola Yetu station try to promote custom and norms of local culture and try to play old songs.

The station believes in providing real music variety like hip Hop. Pop, folk and some old music. The team of this channel is trying to providing music charts that help listeners stay connected to their roots. The main theme of this channel is to promote local talent and local products on the global stage.

Radio Ngola Yetu
Radio Ngola Yetu

Radio Ngola Yetu Launda gets you into a new dimension of entertainment. Listen to the amazing podcast and have a meaningful conversation with famous personalities. Things ever get boring here at Radio Ngola Yetu Luanda.

The channel from the capital city of Luanda has everything for every age group. Listen to music or enjoy late-night talk shows. And the cherry on top, you can get high lights of the latest news without having to turn on the TV. Sitting in front of the TV or using mobile phones can be stressful at times. Simply close your eyes and take a look at the entertainment world with news vision and perspectives.

Ouvir Radio Ngola Yetu Online:

When it comes to podcasts, it’s important to have something interesting going on, otherwise, you’ll get bored after some time. Radio Ngola Yetu Launda has looked through all of these possibilities and is clearly working hard. They are striving to never let their audience down. You might even catch yourself smiling or laughing off guard.

The radio life is just like that, it influences your routine more than you think. Sports is never missed you from the radio life. If you are a sports fan then buckle up. Because Radio Ngola Yetu Launda will take you to the roller coasters of commentaries and game highlights from across the globe.


From the team of meteorologists to musicians and anchors, Radio Nigola Yetu Launda has everyone on their team. The team is working efficiently to provide the most authentic and entertaining content for their listeners. You are never bored and that’s for sure. The locals can easily count on the radio jockeys to amuse them in every way possible. Listen to amazing tales and spooky bedtime stories. You can never get this luxury via TV anyway.

Mobile app:

In addition to that, you no longer have to worry about getting your mobile signals weak. There is an app that will help you get in touch with the radio world. Furthermore, The mobile app of this station is freely available on the APP store. It is available for all types of smartphones. Ouvir Radio MFM Angola 91.7 Online.

Radio Ngola Yetu

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