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Ouvir Radio MFM Angola 91.7 Online


Listen Ouvir Radio MFM 91.7 FM EM Directo Ao Vivo En Ligne Live Online Streaming From Luanda Angola Frequencies. Radio MFM Angola Gratis is a music radio station in the country. It is a private station that tries to save the culture and preserving cultural roots. The team of this channel is trying to providing music charts that help listeners stay connected to their roots. The main theme of this channel is to promote local talent and local products on the global stage. The station tries to promote customs and norms of local culture and try to play old songs. The station believes in providing real music variety like hip Hop. Pop, folk and some old music.

Radio MFM Angola
Radio MFM Angola

Radio MFM Angola 91.7 is the best radio channel you can find in town. Performing its duties as an all-rounder, the channel is equipped with everything you would expect from the TV channel except the video. With podcasts that would make me laugh and some mindful talk shows from the senior representatives of the town. Radio MFM Angola 91.7 brings everything there is to have on the table. You can definitely count on the radio jokey to entertain you to your fullest. Either you are having a stroll down the park or working out in a gym, Radio MFM Angola 91.7 brings you every bit of scope from everything.

Ouvir Radio MFM 91.7 Online:

The specialty of the channel is that there is so much to listen to that you never get tired of the audio version of entertainment. Get yourself comfortable while enjoying a warm cup of coffee and let Radio MFM Angola 91.7 takes you through the podcasts of entertainment and debatable conversations. Radio might be old but the tradition still follows up. Many big celebrities are always welcomed to join a light talk show where they give us a sneak peek into their everyday lives and chores.

You can listen to what these important celebs are up to and when they’ll be releasing their upcoming albums. Radio gives a platform to everyone worthy. When it comes to news, Radio MFM Angola 91.7 has a whole set for news updates and weather conditions. Driving down the road, the radio channel alerts you in case any change in weather conditions is occurring.


Radio MFM Angola 91.7 is home to a big number of members who are fulfilling their duties respectively. A bunch of producers, anchors, musicians, and the ones running podcasts are all under the same roof. Angola has given opportunities to many voices who were needed to be heard.

Mobile app:

Technology has also blessed the radio department with its new innovation. Simply download the app and enjoy free access to the radio channel without worrying about the signal’s weakness. Furthermore, The mobile app of this station is freely available on the APP store. It is available for all types of smartphones.

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