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Ouvir Radio Escola 88.5 Online Angola


Listen Ouvir Radio Escola 88.5 FM Sapo Ao Vivo EM Directo Live Online Streaming From Luanda Angola Frequency. Radio Escola is a local music station that provides mixed songs like old and hit songs. Radio Escola 88.5 is equipped with every modern tool of technology. You are able to get a whole package of entertainment and knowledge in just one channel. Though the eras have passed radio stands still on the ground. It is due to the fact that you never really get rid of the technology that has a great impact on our society.

Radio Escola 88.5
Radio Escola 88.5

Today radio is being used in everyday life. Either you are driving down the road or drinking your favorite coffee. You can simply listen to the radio channel and get all the information and relaxing time you need. Life has always been simple with radio technology.

Ouvir Radio Escola 88.5 Angola Online:

The specialty Radio Escola 88.5 is that it works both ways. Either you are getting information from the news programs or simply having a relaxing time by listening to music. The point of the statement is that radio has everything for any age group. In all of this hustle and bustle, you get advertisements from around the local area.

The advertisement company can have the luxury of advertising their brands. The listeners can hear out the famous products that are circulating around the locals. Radio Escola 88.5 provides you the full package of everything which you can possibly find on TV.


The group of people affiliated with the news channel is quite talented and professional in their work and ethics. Their way of entertainment is always changing, either by providing a comedic talk show or by hosting informative podcasts. There is no shortage of fun on the radio channel.

While TV requires your undivided attention, the radio gives you all of this while you are doing some other chores. For instance, you are working in a gym and during the exercise session, you get to hear the entertainment shows. This makes working out so much fun.

Mobile app:

With the world pacing forward, the radio industry has to keep up with the speed. And in doing so, Radio Escola 88.5 has developed the app to make the channel accessible.

Radio Escola 88.5

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