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Ouvir Radio Despertar Angola Ao Vivo


Listen Ouvir Radio Despertar 91.0 FM Ao Vivo EM Directo Live Online Streaming From Luanda Angola Frequencia. Radio Despertar is a private Portuguese, English, French, Spanish language music radio station telecast all over the world through Webstream and tries to play the best kind of musical passion. Despertar FM contains a huge variety of Catholic Education, News and Entertainment, talk Shows, local Issues, Visa services,s and also telecasting top wonderful local songs. If you want to enjoy music 24/7 then this is the right place.

Radio Despertar
Radio Despertar

Rádio Despertar is a commercial entertainment radio station that works on 91.0 MHz frequency. In different areas, it is telecast on different frequencies depending on the region. It produces different types of programs like education, fashion, sport, news, information, and entertainment. Radio Despertar broadcast some special programs for young school groups just to provide education at an early age.


Radio Despertar works with a very intelligent team, some team members have good experience in their field. They work 24 hours a day just for the radio lover. They manage their programs according to the needs of society. They also work on weather and traffic problems. RJ,s hosts some off-air programs just for community work and encourages people to be a part of this work.


Radio Despertar has many specialties but the Specialty of hit and fresh music is number one, It manages programs list according to age and taste. It hosts many shows but the talk of businessmen and successful persons is the most popular the name of the show is Apostle Marcellin. Moreover, it adds new and top music on daily basics in their shows that’s why it is getting more and more popularity in the eyes of listeners.

Radio Despertar

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How to Listen Radio Despertar:

There are many ways, where you can listen to Radio Despertar Live Stream like you can visit the official website or you can enjoy this here. If you are trying through a smartphone then you can enjoy this through a Mobile app, which is freely available on the internet. On the App, you can just news and share your problem with technical staff. It also offers different promotions on the APP. Furthermore, it telecast current weather and traffic info for the help of listeners.

Thanks for choosing our website to listen to this channel, you can listen to this FM here, if the stream is working then you can visit the official website. Enjoy this radio anywhere in the world.