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ORTB Radio Nationale Benin En Direct


Ecouter ORTB Radio Nationale 104.7 FM En Direct En Ligne Live Online Streaming From Cotonou Benin Frequence. ORTB Radio Benin is a private Portuguese, English, French, Spanish language music channel telecast all over the world through Webstream and tries to play the best kind of musical passion. ORTB Radio contains a huge variety of Catholic Education, News, and Entertainment, talk Shows, local Issues, Visa services, and also telecasting top wonderful local songs. if you want to enjoy music 24/7 then this is the right place.

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ORTB Radio Nationale is a national radio and Tv network in Benin. It is working on music and News update, weather, traffic, and entertainment section. The best thing about this station is, it delivers news and information on time because in rural areas most people rely on this channel for everything. Furthermore, It has a strong radar system to measure weather and telecast real updates on time. It has more than 80 million listeners in the country and a plethora from outside.

ortb radio benin
ortb radio Benin

In Benin radio was started in the year 1990, In the early stage, radio was used as a tool or communication with the name of black broadcasting. You can listen to the radio after paying the fee or after the license. After that, it started working commercially without any fee. Furthermore, with the passage of time, it has become the main source of getting news and entertainment.


ORTB Radio Nationale play an important role in the local industry because it provides a platform for all local and international business. In addition to that, in rural areas, people have less knowledge about new development and technology and this nation channel provides everything on time. Mainly they work on the English and French languages but work a lot on the home languages.


The mission and vision of this channel are to educate the local community about, health, basic needs, fashion, sport, and news. Mostly they add news and public messages to the music and people can understand very well. They also share stories and meaningful messages on the internet and host many off-air shows just for the development of the community.

ORTB Radio Benin Challenges:

The main challenge which has faced by this channel is budget. The government of Benin is not very strong to bear the expenses of this FM that why they mostly rely on the advertisement of local businesses. On the other hand, They introduce many wold wide famous voices in the shape of singers. They always provide full support to all young singers and talent.

How to Listen to Radio Benin:

There are many ways where you can enjoy ORTB Radio Nationale Live Online. Visit the official website or you can listen to this here. Furthermore, you can also enjoy all this on the App of this channel. The app is freely available on the internet. Radio Atlantic FM Benin En Direct.

ORTB Radio Benin

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