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Munghana Lonene FM Listen Live


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Radio Munghana Lonene FM is a well-known radio network situated at the place of Mpumalanga, Pretoria, Johannesburg, Witbank, Limpopo, Polokwane, South Africa. Munghana Lonene is certified to transmit mainly in Xitsonga. Transmitting coverage expands from Limpopo to Gauteng, Mpumalanga, and the North-Western. The position features at least over 60% of fans older than 16-34yrs.

Munghana Lonene fm
Munghana Lonene fm

It has 55% women and 45% men. The South African Broadcasting Corporation is the network that is controlling this station. The main genre is full of Adult Contemporary, Top 40/Pop which means it is the hub of entertainment and enjoyment during free times.

This method mix is to educate, which brings together an element to train and learning with an attitude of enjoyment. Revenue is on a way up the pattern as the position is constantly on maintaining old clients and attracts new organizations. It is also a multilingual radio in Johannesburg. Here you can also Enjoy Phalaphala FM Listen Live.

Vision and Mission:

Munghana Lonene FM is authorized to run predominately in Xitsonga. The transmission inclusion stretches out from the city of Mpumalanga and some parts of the Gauteng and the North West. In addition to that, the station holds essentially more than 60% of audience members ranging in the age group between 16-34yrs. Munghana Lonene FM comes to 75% of the audience in LSMs 1-4, 20% LSMs 5-6, and 5% LSMs 8-10 living in Metropolitan and Rural African Communities. The channel’s main focus is to educate and instruct the local community according to their need and use.


Due to a large audience tuning into the channel simultaneously brings new challenges for the channel’s team. Due to this reason, they have to work hard and quickly in developing better content and means of entertainment. Munghana Lonene FM has come up with various programs that not only entertain the audience but educate them as well. Let us take podcasts for instance. The radio channel is also open for love calls where the audience itself is able to interact with the radio team and share their point of view. Many different games and quiz competitions are arranged for the listeners to participate and win cash prizes.


It has 55% females and 45% male staff members. The channel is reliable in keeping the employees satisfied with giving them appropriate wages and keeping in check for their needs and necessities. This is the reason is to why the channel is able to hold old employees and also invite new ones. There are many businesses affiliated with the channel that commission them to promote and advertise their products and beliefs.

Therefore you can say that the economic condition of Munghana Lonene FM is in pretty good shape. The channel likewise leaves open seats for the new talent to join the network to help make the radio station grow and prosper.

Mobile app:

With the new and developed mobile app, Munghana Lonene FM interacts with its audience in a better and easy way.

Munghana Lonene FM Frequencies:

Area Freq. MHz
Mbombela 89.4
Makhado 91.9
Gaba 91.3
Hoedspruit 92.0
Tzaneen 92.6
Pretoria 95.6
Mokopane 99.6
Johannesburg 103.2

Munghana Lonene FM

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