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Listen Radio Mayangkara FM Live Online Streaming from Blitar city, Radio Mayangkara FM Blitar is frequently broadcasting the shows inventiveness and nature of audience lives in the complete areas of Blitar. Alongside the advancement of the radio industry specifically, FM Mayangkara is also focusing on the development of media in Indonesia for the most part. FM Blitar Mayangkara feels the need to further build up the business, to illuminate the intended interest group, and keeps on setting the show form all via the charming and interesting DJ’s and RJ’s.

Mayangkara FM is the first private radio station in Blitar city. It was first launched on July 3, 1987. It is the first electronic media in Blitar city, that is providing the latest breaking news, information, and entertainment full of local content (culture, tradition). The Gener of Mayangkara FM is Hip hop, Dangdut, old and news Indonesian songs, and Worldwide all-time hit English songs.

It includes a plethora of programs on daily basis, some popular programs are like mayangkara information track, interactive dialogue, weather update, lang lang kota, taukah anda, headline news, Interviews of local popular persons, cover sports events, criminal and legal info, local issues and napak tilas. female and kids issues.

The vision and mission of Mayangkara radio is to provide quality content to its listeners 24/7. The RJ,s, and DJ,s work hard to become the best leading entertainment and information hub in the area.

It is very loyal to listeners because it always tries to highlight local issues and present them in front of members of governments. The world is changing day by day, new ideas and technology are coming. It always educates people about these things.

Mayangkara FM increases its signal frequency in 2008, to cover more area of the city. Furthermore, It tries to participate in community work and encourage people to help others. Through the motivation of this station, the local community becomes brave to respond to any issue to the situation and condition of the city. It also invites political members of society to discuss the problems.

The DJ,s time to time updates the traffic information reports and weather conditions, which is very beneficial for listeners. In the COVID situation, With the help of the government, I work a lot against covid and tell safety measures about covid.

Mayangkara Radio Featured Program

Sports Track, Live broadcast, Interactive Dialogue, Headline News, Did you know, Mayangkara Information Path, Hair Kata, Live Reporting, Commemoration, Shadow Puppet Show, Lang Kota.

Mayangkara FM

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