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Listen Radio Labuan FM 89.4 Live Online Streaming from Malaysia, Radio Labuan FM is the foremost channel to provide the customers with services, offices, and state organizations, privately owned businesses, and outside makers. DJs are there to give maximal administration as a manifestation of adoration FM Labuan on society. The channel is present with all the uniqueness that bare qualities particularly for contents of Infos and amusement. FM Labuan is upon the cutting-edge anticipates being a reference party with differing hobbies of data seekers.

Labuan FM Radio Online Live Streaming

Labuan FM is a Malay language radio station which was formerly known as Radio 3 Labuan, Radio Malaysia Labuan. It was launched on August 31, 1986, and since then it is owned and managed by Radio Televisyen Malaysia. Furthermore, It telecast in Labuan, Brunei and Sipitang, and Kuala Penyu, Sabah cities on 103.7 MHz frequency. The management and broadcasting office is located in Bukit Timbalai. It is working on the slogan (Your Coastal Sound).

Labuan FM
Labuan FM

Radio is basically an easy means of audio entertainment. It has been around for over a century now. Many technologies have been created in social interaction and entertainment so far. But radio stands firm on its grounds. The listeners get to enjoy non-stop broadcasts. From music to newscasts, Labuan FM brings you the full package. Even in the 21st century, people, especially youngsters are shifting their interests and activities to the radio. This is due to the fact that it provides the platform to everyone who is willing to bring their talent to the world. Labuan FM Online has become a source of opportunity for the locals.


If you are looking for some source to advertise your product to the locals. I suggest you consult your local radio station. In all this time, Labuan FM Radio Online has created a huge group of listeners. The medium of socializing helps you to interact with locals and get full access to the media. This way you can easily advertise your product easily. Due to the easily available access, many companies or small businesses are now using radio as the base for commercialization. For the audience, you can get information about any useful thing what new product is now available in the market.


Like TV, there is a whole lot of people that are affiliated with the station. On this platform, you’ll definitely find a team of producers, writers, podcasts buddies, and news reporters. The team of newscasters broadcast daily news on their various radio stations. Along with the local stories, you can listen to the weather updated and even sports highlight. The channel highlights every bit of the detail of the sports field. This gives you the feeling as if you are present at the game field.

Mobile app:

Labuan FM Radio Online has its own mobile app. You are no longer liable to have a tuning setup to provide you with the radio signals. This is now accessible through the app. The app of this station is freely available on smartphones and the official website you just install and enjoy Labuan FM. Radio Traxx FM Online Radio.

Labuan FM

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