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Listen to Live Dengar Radio Hot FM Kuala Lumpur Capsule Malaysia Online Streaming on 97.6 Frequency. Hot FM is music, talk show, Adult Contemporary, Top 40/Pop radio station in Malaysia. This channel in general is among the best ones leading in Malaysia. You can definitely rely on it to provide you with the best and most authentic content. Hot FM is the platform to provide you with the best entertainment shows and music.

The channel is likewise active 24/7. Now, keep yourself updated with the latest music and enjoy every bit of the day. Podcasts are a new thing these days. Many renowned celebrities have joined in the podcasts session and shared their perspective on what’s new in their lives and routine. There is definitely no shortage of fun in radio life.

Hot FM Malaysia
Hot FM Malaysia

Hot FM is famous all over the country because it covers almost all cities of the country but it is telecast on different frequencies depending on the region. It has a huge listenership because it covers both the English and Malay language. The main theme of Hot FM is to educate and entertain the local audience. Furthermore, It is also working on the fashion, sport, health, economy, weather, and traffic department.


It is no secret that more and more people are now heading towards radio life. This is because it is easy to access the music industry. Hot FM automatically introduces you to music from throughout the world. People find it easy to use as they can likewise perform the rest of the chores while listening to the radio. This technology does not require your separate and sole attention. In fact, it becomes part of your daily routine. Either you are at the office or someplace else, simply tune into the channel and make your boring day an exciting one.


The people affiliated with the channel are incredibly efficient. They are skilled in entertaining their audience without letting them get bored. This is surely not an easy person’s job. You have to have high communication skills and stamina to be able to talk for hours and hours. Hot FM has a whole team of producers and anchors who try their best to deliver the best content they can. There is a complete segment of the news bulletin and weather forecasts. The reporters are always on the look to provide the locals with the latest stories taking place in their neighborhood.

Mobile app:

To make the accessibility easier, the team has come up with a new and improved version. They have created an app to facilitate the users and their needs. The listeners can now get the notification of which program will be airing at what time. Here you can also enjoy Fly FM Malaysia.

Hot FM Frequencies

Cities Covers FM
Klang Valley 97.6
Alor Setar 88.2
Ipoh 104.5
Johor Bahru 90.1
Kuantan 92.4
Kota Bharu 105.1
Kota Kinabalu 87.7
Kuching 94.3
Melaka 104.3
Penang 88.2
Seremban 99.5
Singapore 90.1
Taiping 90.5
Terengganu 105.0

Hot FM Malaysia

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