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Listen to Live Radio Hitz FM Channel Online Streaming Hitz FM (Peninsular, KlangbValley, Sabah,(Kota Kinabalu) Sarawak (Kuching)) is a national entertainment and informational radio station of Malaysia and famous across the whole country.

Hitz FM is one of the oldest English music radio networks in the country. It was started in the year 1997 and is owned by Astro Holdings Berhad. furthermore, It is currently working under the management of Astro Radio. The management office and studio are located in the cities of Kota Kinabalu and Kuching. According to the survey of (Nielsen RAM), Hitz FM maintain its first position as Malaysian leading English music provider. It has 1.4 million listeners across the country and on the weekend it reaches more than 2.4 million listeners.

Hitz FM Radio Malaysia
Hitz FM Malaysia

It is the only station in the country that is also working on the satellite and therefore, you can enjoy this in Neighboring Countries like Southern Thailand, Singapore, and Brunei. Nowadays it’s working with the slogan (Malaysia’s #1 Hit StationAll The Hitz, All The Time). The music formate of the channel is related to Talk, Top 40 (CHR), and targets listeners between the age of 10 to 29. In different areas, it is available at different frequencies depending on the region.

Mission and Vision:

It is just incredible how far radio technology has come. Even in today’s era where a lot of other mediums have taken place of the socializing, radio is still running to its max level. Words FM Malaysia is among the top leading radio channels in the country. Its signals can be received even from quite a far distance. With the best quality content, the channel has made its mark as the best radio channel.

In just a couple of years, the channel has been successfully creating a huge audience. And among them are mostly teenagers and youngsters. You wouldn’t expect the new generation to divert back to radio technology. But here we are, the people making Words FM Malaysia part of their daily routine.


The specific thing that is making the channel reach the heights of popularity is the quality of its content. It is not every day that you find some good podcasts. The radio channel is always active in highlighting the latest updates of approximately everything. From news to talk shows and the occurring topics of the moment.

The most important factor that is making the new generation hooked up on radio is the availability of music from all around the world. You cannot deny the fact that music has a great impact on everybody. From kids to mature grown-up adults, everyone has a specific playlist of their own. Therefore radio becomes an important tool to easily access the songs becoming popular throughout the world.


The people working on Words FM Malaysia are surely some of the most talented individuals you’ll ever come across on the radio channel. Their enthusiasm and skills to entertain their audience are off the chart. The team never fails to make their listeners delightful.

Mobile app:

If you are looking for some easy access to the radio channel then Words FM Malaysia presents you with their latest mobile app. The app provides all the latest highlights and news updates from the radio channel. You no longer have to worry about not being able to receive the signals. Here you can also enjoy Lite FM Malaysia.

Hitz FM Frequencies

Cities Covers FM (MHz)
Areas Cover
Klang Valley 92.9 Taiping 93.6
Alor Setar, Penang
92.8 Kuantan 93.2
Ipoh 92.7 Terengganu 94.8
Seremban 95.0 Kota Bahru 92.8
Melaka 93.0 Kuching 95.3
Johor/JB 97.6 Kota Kinabalu 100.8

Hitz FM

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