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Highway Radio 101.5 FM Durban


Highway Radio South Africa Live Online Streaming

Highway Radio FM is the top quality and world-class material broadcasting channel situated in the area of Durban, South Africa. Here you can obtain every now and then a permit or permits for such period and topic to such rules, conditions, and permit circumstances as may be recommended by the authority to offer, in its community broadcasting solutions. Highway Radio is the main hub of Christian Talks that’s why it is the loving radio for this community.

Highway Radio
Highway Radio

This Highway Radio and TV growth that show, teaches, and entertains and to be tuned in to audience needs, such as the demands of the hard of hearing and the sightless and account on how to meet those needs. The DJs and the RJ are here to offer other solutions, whether or not broadcasting or program provides solutions, such solutions being additional services.

The programs and any other content to be passed on or allocated by the typical service provider for totally able to air celebration by the community topic to the area with the offer to other systems by such indicates and methods as may be convenient. Furthermore, Here you can also Enjoy Vuma FM Durban.

Vision and Mision:

Generally, radio technology is pretty old. But even in today’s world, radio is an important technology. From your day-to-day activities, you are somehow using this in various forms and machines. For instance, the vehicles are mostly equipped with the availability of the radio. It is because in case you are away from internet facilities, the radio transmission will still be accessible to you. Without any interruption, radio is able to convey and receive information with the help of radio waves. There are many other devices that completely rely on radio technology.


In regards to the content, the Highway Radio 101.5 FM Durban is producing the best content for its audience and followers. To be specific, the channel exceeds in presenting the best music from throughout the world. From new to old, the radio channel is packed with all sorts of music collections. Due to this reason, people belonging from every age group can listen to the music according to their taste and mood.

Apart from the song’s collection, Highway Radio 101.5 FM Durban also broadcasts a variety of programs and general talk shows. The most famous among them are podcasts, where people sit and talk about the current affairs taking place in the country or region. From the past couple of years, many renowned people have also volunteered to join the podcasts sessions and share their beliefs and thoughts and certain aspects. This has surely generated a huge audience for the people.


Highway Radio 101.5 FM Durban has the best staff who work day and night to provide the best content for their followers. The team of workers is incredible regarding skills and professionalism. The radio channel is not an easy platform to run. You basically have to entertain the audience through audio capabilities. And it, therefore, becomes a challenge for the people to keep engaged in the transmission.

Highway Radio Presenters

Mobile app:

Highway Radio has successfully developed an app for the users to make the broadcast more easily accessible. The user can likewise customize the app and receive only the required information they need.

Website: highwayradio.org.za/
Address: Highway Radio 812 Sangro House 417 Anton Lembede Street Durban 4001, South Africa
Telephone: +27 (031) 3010367
E-mail: info@highwayradio.org.za

Highway Radio 101.5

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