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East Coast Radio Live Stream Durban


East Coast Radio Listen Live Stream Online

Listen to Radio East Coast Radio Durban, KwaZulu-Natal Live Online Streaming from South Africa, and Enjoy all South Africa FM Radio Live Online Stream. East Coast Radio is the most popular radio channel located at the location of Durban, South Africa. The team informs the composing of any changes to the recommendations known as in passage as soon as reasonably possible.

East Coast Radio
East Coast Radio

East Coast Radio also create ensure that there is community contribution in the growth of the recommendations known as in subsection by welcoming and considering Listeners opinion on such setup and by other indicates.

The DJs and RJ offer suitable ways for regular information of legal action on its solutions and create sure that such legal action is given due consideration. The announcers create a rule of practice that guarantees that the solutions and the employees conform to the constitutional concept of equality, the reasonable therapy of all sections of the Southern Africa population.

East FM has an objective that is the constitutional requirement of reasonable therapy of formal language which privileges of all communities to get and provide details and ideas however co-workers offer for an extensive variety of viewers interests, values, and perspectives, a higher standard of precision, equity and impartiality in details and programs that deal with matters of community attention. Furthermore, here you can also Listen to Radio Tygerberg FM 104.0 Cape Town.

Vision and Mission:

Basically, KwaZulu-Natal is a commercial South African radio station. The channel is considered to be one of the top best channel leading in the country. In addition to that, you can also access the radio channel on their official website. It provides all the channels content under one platform. East Coast Radio Durban is the only channel that has won several radio awards more than any other channel in South Africa. Due to its commercial importance, many renowned business companies prefer to use this platform to promote their products.


In just a couple of decades, the channel has managed to create 5 million audiences. It is definitely not a small number. From teenagers to mature adults, there is no definite age group that follows the channel. In fact, it is the radio station that brings all the generations together under one platform. Apart from the local programming, the channel hosts a yearly outdoor music show called “Durban day”.

This is a big event which millions of people attend. The channel manages to bring musicians and singers from all around the country. In addition to that, the new and emerging talent of the country is also given chance to exhibit their talent in front of millions of people.


The people affiliated with the East Coast Radio Durban are some of the best staff members you could ever find anyplace else. They are highly skilled in their work. The anchors try their very best to present the best content for their audience and followers. The local community relay on the news reporters for their daily news and weather forecast.

East Coast Radio Durban is always active to bring out the most authentic stories from all around the country. Speaking of music, the channel has a vast collection of most hit songs from all the time. Classical or latest rap songs. You can easily find everything on the channel.

Mobile app:

Now download the app on Apple and Google play store easily. The app provides a full insight into the content of the radio channel.

East Coast Radio

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