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Radio Classic FM is one of the most popular stereo stations located at the position of Johannesburg, South Africa. This is the only traditional songs place in African with expert organization and economical concentrate. But don’t be fooled by the perception that traditional songs belong in a more sedate globe from the last. Classic FM is broadcasting the streaming in the available streams of 32 kb Flash, HTML and Windows. It is contemporary, appropriate, accessible and interesting. The co-workers motivate the growth of The southern aspect of Africa appearance by providing, in The southern aspect of Africa formal ‘languages’, a extensive range of development that. Classic FM DJ’s and RJ also allow the audience to share their opinions, ideas, concepts and artistic creativity. Classic Radio is full of abilities in education and studying and enjoyment program’s offering a plurality of opinions and an extensive range of information and research taking the audience towards the developments the nationwide and community attention. English is the broadcasting medium.

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