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Chai FM is the most popular radio channel positioned at the place of Johannesburg, South Africa. Radio Chai FM is working with the awesome mission to collect information in any place on the globe and in any way that may be thought fit and to set up and subscribe to information agencies and to carry out research and growth perform in relation to any technological advancement appropriate to the things of the Company and to obtain by the function of law, registration, buy, task, permit or otherwise copyright and designs, business marks, business titles and any other perceptive, industrial and expert residence rights. It is the Jewish Talk producing genre that’s why it is too much popular in their community.

Chai FM
Chai FM

The Chai FM has a purpose of the nurture Africa’s abilities and practice people in manufacturing abilities and carries out research and growth for the benefit of audiences. The DJ’s and RJ are very talented persons and they always try for

their listeners to make, generate, manufacture, buy, obtain, use, display, sell, rent or dispose of sound files and movies and components and apparatus for use in relationship with such sound files and films. The transmitting media is the language of English. Furthermore, here you can also Listen East Rand Stereo 93.9 Live.

Vision and Mision:

There is a huge number of Jewish communities residing in South Africa. They are surely not new there. In fact, it has been more than a century. So, in order to facilitate the local Jewish community, the semi-government has developed a radio channel. This is done in order to give a platform to the locals where they can spread their thoughts and beliefs to other individuals. In regards to the channel, well it has developed a huge audience over the past few years. Not just Jews, but the local community also prefer to listen to the radio channel. It is mainly because of the content that the channel has to offer.


Chai FM Johannesburg is owned by JHB Jewish community. The radio station is greatly active in the time of religious festivals and events. It not only covers the events taking place across the country but also has religious talk shows and discussion programs. In regards to the music, Chai FM Johannesburg has a huge collection. From old to new, every age group can find something to listen to and enjoy the moment.

As a matter of fact, for the past couple of years, the radio channel has been airing some good quality songs. Especially the teenage generation is diverting more and more towards radio life. It is because of the easy accessibility of the music. You no longer have to worry about downloading the music. The radio provides that easy access to you.


The people affiliated with the channel are highly skilled in their respective fields and work. You can easily count on them to deliver you the best content and shows. The team is active 24/7 and is always busy bringing the best stories and shows for their audience. The news programming of the channel mainly depends on the Chai FM Johannesburg working staff.

Chai FM Mobile app:

The team is successful in developing a perfect mobile app for the users. They can easily download the app and enjoy nonstop accessibility of the content and back-to-back music. This is a must-have tool on every mobile device.

Chai FM

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