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Listen to Live Denger Radio Best FM Kuala Lumpur capsule Online Streaming on 104.1 Frequency. Best FM 104 is an update to date first private radio station in Malaysia that’s belonged to Time Highway Radio, FM attracts an audience with song choices like public broadcasting, the current issues with the community, announcements, and the latest information, religious programs, contemporary music, and so on. It starts its regular transmission on 14th July 1989 and works under the supervision of VOICE JOHOR Sdn Bhd.

Listen Best FM 104 Online Radio Streaming

It broadcasts its live On-Air programs 24 hours a day and covers the cities of Kuala Lumpur, Sultan Iskandar. The Radio is so much popular in the Singapore community. It broadcasts its programs in both English and Malay but more focus on the Malay-speaking audience. Its head office is located in Bukit Pelangi, Jalan Pasir Pelangi, 80050 Johor Bahru, Johor, You can call us on 07 331 4104 number. Here you can also enjoy 988 FM Malaysia.

Best FM 104
Best FM 104

Best FM is Malaysia’s first private radio broadcast. It is the first channel to be based outside of Kuala Lumpur, in Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia. Best 104 Malaysia started transmission in 1988. The channel was basically created to suit the listening taste of the then Sultan of Johor, Almarhum Sultan Iskandar. It used to run its transmission in both English and Malay.

The channel, Radio Best FM Malaysia’s commercialization started when it stretched out its transmission region. This was the time when it came outside of its local Johor state and began nonstop transmission in 1996.


Best FM 104 was all at once one of the most mainstream bilingual stations. It had its audience members in Singapore and the public capital Kuala Lumpur. Firm opposition to the English-speaking crowd made the station stop its English transmission in 2001. Furthermore, the main station is situated in the regal town of Pasir Pelangi.


The people associated with the channel are exceptionally talented. They exceed in their talent to broadcast the transmission, respectively. The channel is very much known to have the best commentators. The team of the station works hard 24 hours a day to produce their best. It provides news, weather, and traffic update on time. It also manages off-air programs just for areas where frequency does not work properly. Best FM 104 is the place for learning of young kids.

Mobile app:

The channel arranged something exceptional, so you can partake in the best 104 FM Johor Malaysia with fewer issues. The audience is facilitated with an incredible app.

Presently, it is the app that wraps your routine with the best FM music so you can enjoy a great time while listening to the channel. Best 104 Malaysia has added many stations for your delight.

Upon downloading the app you get to enjoy the best 104 FM Johor. These entertainment shows are so intriguing that they will make you want to participate in the channel.

What’s more, you can enjoy nonstop transmission of entertainment programs. You can exceptionally use the best 104 FM Johor at no expense. Simply, download it and play around with the best music best 104 FM Johor.

Best 104 Frekuensi

 Cities  Covers (FM/MHz)
 Pulai, south Johor  104.1
 Gunung Ledang  94.8
 Bukit Tinggi 102.5

Best FM 104

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