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94.3 Radio One FM Live Online Streaming

(Listen to 94.3 Radio FM One Live Online Stream from Ahmedabad, Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata, and Pune)94.3 Radio One is an impressive FM Station in India. On the 8th of July, 2006 the station of Radio One was released in Mumbai earlier going national level in six more places. And basically, the FM one is brought to the listeners of India with the collaboration and the partnership among Next Media Works and BBC Worldwide and is functioning in seven cities i.e. in Bengaluru, Mumbai, Kolkata, Pune, Chennai, Ahmedabad, and Delhi. Hopefully, the Radio One would also soon increase to only more famous areas too in its developmental phase of 3.

Above all other popular radios, the FM One India got two frequencies one is 94.3 MHz which is working in all places except in Ahmadabad, and here it is providing its contents using 95.0 MHz. The Radio One has presently turned to the International structure in Delhi and Mumbai. And no doubt the FM One is now the only entertaining channel which performs English music and reveals worldwide information. The broadcasting hours of Radio one are about twenty hours during the day and also on the weekly basis. The main terminology of transmission is Hindi.

94.3 Radio One

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94.3 Radio One
94.3 Radio One

94.3 Radio one is a commercial base radio network that telecasts all over India on different frequencies. It is currently working in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Kolkata, and Pune cities. The telecasting frequencies are different depending on the city and area. It provides entertainment and information for all types of listeners. Furthermore, it also works on Hybrid CHR. The main target of 94.3 Radio one is teenagers and young adults. From start to now, with the passage of time, this channel becomes the teen icon in Indonesia throughout the ’80s and 90’s.

History of 94.3 Radio One:

It was first launched in 2002 with the name Brand Radio on 92.5 frequency. After few years of launching, in the year 2006, this channel was re-launched with the name Radio One on 94.2 MHz frequency. Moreover, at that time it was the only station in the country which telecast in the English language and targeting English-speaking groups. According to the survey of India’s Most Attractive Brands in 2017, 94.3 Radio One win the second position in the Indian market among 531 channels.

94.3 radio one Personalities
94.3 radio one Personalities

Owned and management:

94.3 Radio One is owned by Next Radio Ltd and works under the supervision of Next Media Works. The Vineet Singh Hukmani was the Managing Director and CEO of this Next Media Works, who is the shareholder in this company. In the year 2017 HT Media Pvt. Ltd purchased this channel which already manages two other stations (Fever 104 FM, Radio Nasha). Furthermore, in late 2018 it launched its first business station in the country name (Business ONE). In the same year, it launched a pioneering ‘audience tracker’. In this tracking system, they got the information about the Music consumption habits of listeners. 94.3 Radio One win an award from PHILIP KOTLER for excellence in Marketing.

Brief Info of 94.3 Radio One:

94.3 Radio One works with the slogan: “International Indians” and it has a huge audience because it providing the widest array of content, music, and advertising options for our listeners and advertisers. The main theme of this channel is to provide information with the help of music. Furthermore, currently, it is working on (awareness, unique taste of music, unique trail of lives, sensibilities, and motivations,). It invites many Bollywood celebrities in their live shows and they answer the question of their loved ones.


The 94.3 Radio One has very Elegant and adorable team members and some members have very good experience in their fields. They add a plethora of English music to their shows. They provide Music, podcasts, shows, and the latest news, fashion, sport, finance, business, and talk shows, Therefor they work round the clock to produce their best.

Mobile APP:

The station 94.3 Radio One is available in the shape of APP. You just install the app on your smartphone and enjoy this station live. You can do a lot of more things on the APP like (answer the questions and win mobile balance, get promotion discount, share your story, get news updates, fashion corner).

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