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Radio Pilatus is a personal FM Channel which is performing its broadcasts from many years in Central Switzerland. The FM Pilatus was established in the 80’s and working under the top rated companies in Lucerne. The Radio Pilatus Switzerland is taken as a separate station managed by associates of the globally team, its article stance shows on the real lives of the British sound system in the place and provides a regional, relevant inclination to its outcome such as regional details, company details, game, actions and interactivity with its regional viewers.
The Radio Pilatus also treats the boundaries among France and European nations as irrelevant. Radio Pilatus FM Switzerland development objectives are to be both informal and well-informed, and to offer enjoyment within the structure of important regional details. Its article and professional structure offer an interactive media platform for the neighborhood, for its audience and for small company. RSI Rete Due Switzerland.

Radio Pilatus Switzerland
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