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Radio Hits 88.2 Online Egypt


Listen Radio Hits FM Egypt Live Online Streaming from Cairo city on 88.2 frequency, Radio Hits is like an immediate sun of entertainment in the main areas of Cairo, Egypt. FM Hits is broadcasting using the regularity of 88.2 with the venue of the Inter-Congolese Dialog to increase the information of audience and choose the terms for the more and more enjoyment for listeners. Language used during the transmission by the DJ’s of FM Hits 88.2 is pure Arabic to keep up peace in the city with its great peaceful shows and auditions.

Popular RJ,s of Radio Hits 88.2
باسم كميل Bassem Kameel.
زهرة رامي Zahra Ramy.
عايدة سعودي Aida Sa’oudy.
تامر عادل Tamer Adel.
منة عامر Menna Amer.
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Radio Hits 88.2 Online Egypt
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