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Listen to Live Impact Radio 98.5 FM Kampala Online Streaming from Zambia, Listen all type of Zimbabwe Radios Live Online Stream that Provide Music and News. The Radio Impact FM is the well known radio station positioned at the place of Kampala, Uganda. Impact FM has a vision to promote beneficial residing through teaching the listener-ship about cleanliness, wellness and family member principles and deal with the ever-changing community, governmental, social, religious and financial problems of the day. It is an additional of Religious Radio System, a restricted company integrated on Twelfth Aug 1997. It is a sis stereo to Radio Leader FM, which functions in British on regularity Impact FM 98.4. Among other factors, was integrated to create a transmitting home that offers a different to negative and wrong material in some press. While the mission is too good with the thinking to promote financial, community and religious development in the community.

Impact FM Kampala RJs

ALEX SIMBWA Brian Migadde DrSerwadda
Fleria Gyagenda PrFreda
PrMukiibi PrMukisa SAM -

Since Impact beginning, has been rated, by separate press reviews, the No.1 Uganda out of the more than 15 working for the country. All this is because of amazing development, comprehensive protection, quality of indication and relent-less desire of perspective by management and team. Away from the religious section, it positions highly in the common classification where it has been set among the best 10 programs from the more than 164 working in the Uganda.

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Impact FM 98.5 Kampala
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